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Bojana Lambrou

Bojana Lambrou



Since joining the firm, Bojana Lambrou has used her education and experience to more effectively disseminate the firm’s Mission and Accomplishments to potential clients through the use of well-planned marketing strategies.  Bojana has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics as well as a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with Honors in Marketing and Finance from Baruch College.  Since getting her MBA, she has been involved in a wide variety of projects which have allowed her to become a social media master and also formulate and implement marketing plans and strategies to increase the visibility of several corporations across all social media platforms.

Using that education and experience she assists the firm in getting across the real-life stories of the firm’s clients that have suffered losses, by helping to document their losses and their recovery in all types of mediums including video and photos.  Bojana’s assistance leads to invaluable feedback that is used in focus group research sessions to test theories of persuasion in cases.  This assistance, as well as her feedback, has improved the firm’s technological cutting edge presentations to jurors, judges, defense attorneys, and mediators.

Bojana’s knowledge of Marketing enables the firm to better understand how to design presentations of cases to any given audience.  This is because the crossroads of marketing and law are closer than one thinks.  Focus Groups are a marketing research tool that has been used by Marketers for decades to gain knowledge of their audience. In fact, that is where top-notch attorneys got the idea to conduct focus groups as a method of accumulating jury research on individual cases.  Jury research gives attorneys insight into the how-to present (market) the case best to jurors and judges. Naturally, a marketing specialist, like Bojana, can give and has given, great insight into how to present cases for maximum recoveries and results.

In her spare time, Bojana is a writer of children’s books and enjoys being involved in numerous charitable causes including charities that assist children with special needs and their families.  She also enjoys traveling and is a voracious reader.