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Car Accidents


Car accidents are on the rise!! After only the first three months in 2018, the New York City Police Department reported nearly 19,000 traffic collisions citywide, resulting in 3,480 injuries or deaths. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over 37,000 people died in car accident in the United States in 2017. The leading cause of these driving deaths are drunk drivers causing nearly 11,000 deaths in 2017 and driver distraction or inattention was also a major contributor to roadway deaths having caused nearly 3,500 deaths in 2017. These statistics do not include the hundreds of thousands of people injured on our roadways every year, that are lucky enough to survive with their lives but bear serious injuries. Negligent drivers and their unsafe behaviors are blamed for thousands of crashes nationwide. Those crashes include drivers that are following too closely, driving at unsafe speeds, speeding, fail to yield the right-of-way, improperly pass or change lanes and drive recklessly.

If you have been injured in a crash, the Lambrou Law Firm is here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and that your medical bills, lost wages and other reasonably related expenses are paid. Learn more about the laws that apply to accidents below, and contact the caring team at the Lambrou Law Firm for assistance after a crash from a dedicated and successful Nationally recognized top lawyer. We have recovered millions for car accident victims, including a $6,000,000.00 recovery for the driver of a car and was seriously injured by a drunk and stoned operator of a garbage truck that violently struck his car.1


We are all too familiar with the tragic and serious affects that car accidents can have on an individual and their family. Having represented hundreds of car accident victims and their families, we know that a car accident can leave someone and their family in dire straits. If the accident lead to the death of a loved one, we have seen first hand the devastation that can result. We have helped many families get through this tough time and we can help your family.

We know the questions you are asking yourselves, What needs to be done after an accident? How will my medical bills be paid? What about funeral expenses? Will I get the money I lost from work because of the car accident? I lost my significant other, what am I entitled to for compensation? These are all questions that we have answered in the past and will answer for you if you contact our office. We have a proven track record in serious accident cases. We can’t set forth the law in all states but we set forth parts of the law that applies to car accidents in the State of New York below. If you or a family member were injured in an accident or you lost a loved one, Contact us now for a free consultation.


New York uses a system of no-fault insurance that allows you to recover your medial expenses, subject to limitation, after a car accident without having to prove that another driver was at-fault. This is also called Personal Injury Protection, or PIP benefits. These benefits can pay up to $50,000, and sometimes more, of your medical/health expenses, lost earnings, and certain other reasonable and necessary expenses related to your injuries within the firs three years after an accident.

PIP benefits are designed to pay some of your accident related expenses, but they DO NOT provide compensation for loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering caused by the injuries sustained in a car accident. They do not cover vehicle property damage, and they do not provide any benefits for damages, such as the pain and suffering that a car accident victim is forced to endure after being injured by a careless or reckless driver.

Thankfully, New York law does allow for civil lawsuits to recover the full amount of compensation after a car accident, but only in the event that the accident provided that the injuries sustained meet the serious injury threshold set forth by New York’s Insurance Law. The analysis of whether your injuries meet the threshold is a medical legal analysis that only an experienced attorney can determine. Lambros Y. Lambrou and his experienced team, all of whom, concentrate in personal injury, some with a specific focus on car accident cases. The Lambrou Law Firm can help you get over all the legal hurdles to recover and work closely with your medical providers to build a strong case that proves the other driver’s negligence and the serious extent and nature of your injuries.


The Lambrou Law firm has also successfully recovered millions for client injured in Truck accidents.1 The injuries caused by these accidents can be life changing. Trucks weighing 20 or 30 times as much as the average car colliding with an average car are likely to result in catastrophic injury to the driver and passengers of the car. Truck accidents are often caused by a truck driver’s fatigue from driving more than the maximum hours allowed by federal regulations, or because the truck being driven had worn-out tires or brake systems that should have been replaced. Overloaded trucks or unbalanced loads, and speeding, aggressive or distracted driving are other common causes of truck accidents in New York. The Lambrou Law Firm can help get to the bottom of a truck accident, even when the trucker and trucking company have falsified records, in order to hold the trucking company liable for the full extent of the damage done. If you were injured in an accident with a truck or if you lost a loved one in a trucking accident, Call us now for a free consultation.


In the past we have also represented motorcyclists that are seriously injured in accidents. Motorcycle riders are almost fully exposed and vulnerable to serious injury in a traffic accident. In fact, studies and statistics show that motorcycle riders are nine times more likely to suffer injury and 36 times more likely to die in a collision than an occupant of a passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, bias against motorcyclists and other factors make obtaining a financial recovery after a motorcycle accident especially difficult. Motorcycle riders are not even afforded PIP benefits; instead they must rely solely on a negligence claim against the at-fault drivers or their health insurance companies. The Lambrou Law Firm can help you if were struck by a vehicle while riding your motorcycle. We have in the past presented motorcycle accident case to focus groups to gain a better understanding of how jurors think about motorcycle accidents. These focus groups have given us great insight into the minds of jurors when deciding accidents involving motorcycles. Let us put this knowledge to work in your case. If you or a loved one has been injured or if you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, please call us now for a free consultation.

If you or a loved one has been injured or you lost a loved one in a serious car, truck or motorcycle accident, call the Lambrou Law Firm P.C. at 212-285-2100 for a free consultation with truly dedicated team that is here to answer your questions.

1 prior successes are no guarantee of future results, every case is different and unique. Outcomes are not guaranteed.