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Jeffrey Mikel, Esq.



A graduate of New York Law School, Jeffrey earned his Juris Doctor after graduating from Rutgers University.  After a brief stint as a Graduate Law Clerk with the Legal Aid Society Criminal Defense and Appeals Division he worked with several High Profile criminal defense Attorneys.  Jeffrey then found his true calling, helping those that were injured and hurt by the wrongs of other.  Since then he has handled hundreds of Personal injury cases including car accidents, municipal liability and even Medical Malpractice.

Jeffrey is admitted to the Bar of the State of New York.He is a member of the New York State Bar Association and the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Jeffrey is an aggressive litigator and fights hard every step of the way to protect and preserve the rights of the victims. Jeffrey fits well into the firm’s culture which aggressively litigates every aspect of the complex cases we handle to obtain top dollar settlements for our clients. Clients have nothing but good things to say about Jeffrey and how he meticulously prepares for depositions, court appearance and jury selection.  Jeffrey takes extraordinary steps to analyze legal issues and factual issues on every case to give the court and potentially a jury all the information possible to decide a case in his clients favor.


In his spare time, when he can pull himself away from work, Jeffrey loves to read all types of well written books.